It’s STILL Not Too Late To Lower Your Tax Bill


Are you a procrastinator who waits until the very last moment to file your taxes? The filing deadline is April 15, 2019, to file your taxes for the 2018 tax year, unless you live in Maine or Massachusetts. Due to the Patriots’ Day holiday celebrated on April 15 in those states, and the Emancipation Day holiday on April 16 in the District of Columbia, that gives you a few extra days to consider last-minute ways to lower your taxes.

Start by reviewing your possible deductions. Did you just assume that it doesn’t pay to itemize? Check out these 19 top tax deductions, and while you’re at it, look over these 9 popular tax credits. Tax credits subtract directly from your tax bill instead of reducing your taxable income, and some are refundable (meaning that you may receive…

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